Precision assembly

In addition to fabricating machined components, CCG also supplies completed products and sub-assemblies for many of our customers. CCG has a full time lab staff dedicated to electromechanical and composite material assembly. This core competency allows CCG to function as a one-stop-shop for companies that require precision assembly of custom precision components such as XYZ stages, opto-mechanical assemblies, or highly sensitive medical devices.

Our experienced team will create the entire assembly process from start to finish. Our staff can build any necessary specialized tooling, fixtures or automation. Assembly and test procedure documents are created as required for industry-specific protocols. In house optical, electrical and sub nanometer metrology equipment allows our skilled technicians to verify a wide range of specifications. When needed, our team will manage procurement and the shipping of products directly to your customers, effectively becoming your virtual factory.

Let CCG handle the manufacturing and logistics allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

CCG also supplies completed products and sub-assemblies.