CNC turning

CCG produces a wide variety of turned components ranging from ultra-tight tolerance high-end CNC work to simple pins or bushings. High-end components are machined in one of our many CNC slant-bed lathes while components with large length-to-diameter ratios often run best on our CNC Swiss-style lathes. For less complex turned parts our single-spindle screw machines are often most cost-efficient.

Material we routinely work with includes stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel-based alloys, titanium, aluminum, brass and engineered plastics.

Toolpaths are generated prior to turning by our expert team using Esprit CAM software enabling optimization and seamless CAD-to-product without the need for detailed drawings.

Whatever the methodology, our mission remains the same: to only produce the most high-quality, cost-effective finished products.

CCG’s mission is to provide high-quality CNC turning services.