For custom bearing fits, sealing surfaces, or shafts for linear or rotary motion, CCG utilizes centerless grinding. Our company began four decades ago as a centerless grinding job shop, and we have been honing our skills in this valuable manufacturing technique ever since.

Centerless grinding is an economical way to achieve extremely tight tolerances on diameters with work routinely produced to +/-.0001”. Our process imparts fine controllable surface finishes required for seals and bearings, typical features needed throughout the medical device and laboratory equipment fields.

Size capacity ranges up to 2” diameter. Surfaces finishes can be achieved down to 6Ra. Tolerances can be kept to as little as to .00005”.

By keeping this specialized process in-house, CCG retains full control of quality and traceability of raw materials while keeping cost down.

CCG designs custom bearings and shafts using centerless grinding.